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Crediting Guide (How to get offers to credit)

(1) C is for COOKIE
We cannot stress enough how important cookies are when working on a GPT site. Cookies are stored on your computer and hold information about your activity on different websites you visit. Our advertisers use cookies to track your signups so if your system isn’t accepting cookies, chances are you’re not getting much to credit.
To change your settings in Internet Explorer: Tools –> Internet Options –> Privacy tab. Your display should read “Accept all cookies.”
Also, check your Advanced tab and make sure that “Override automatic cookie handling” is NOT checked.
(2) You are using Netscape, Firefox, or the AOL browser
For my day to day internet usage, I must admit that I love Firefox. But when I work on a GPT site I recommend using Internet Explorer. AOL browsers can cause your account to look like it is being accessed via a proxy and that is a big no-no. Netscape has similar results. Firefox seems to be okay for most people but if you’re new to this type of site, stick with IE.
(3) Firewalls - what & why?
From wikipedia: “A firewall’s basic task is to control traffic between computer networks with different zones of trust. Typical examples are the Internet which is a zone with no trust and an internal network which is (and should be) a zone with high trust. The ultimate goal is to provide controlled interfaces between zones of differing trust levels through the enforcement of a security policy and connectivity model based on the least privilege principle and separation of duties.”
At many college and work campuses firewalls are used to protect the networks. You might find yourself either unable to complete or unable to receive credit if you’re behind a firewall. For this reason, it’s easiest to use only ONE computer to complete your offers - preferably a home connection that you know is safe.
(4) Repeating offers or doing offers in the same family
Often times people don’t get credit for freebies (or paid trials) and can’t figure out why. The problem ends up being that they have already done the offer on another site. Advertisers are paying money for new leads, not repeat customers. If they see someone that has done an offer previously on another site, they won’t pay for your lead again.
(5) You are using the same email address repeatedly
This goes back to the previous statement. New leads are what we’re getting paid for, repeat customers aren’t that enticing to advertisers.
(6) User names
Most offers, regardless of which site they are featured on, are run through the same advertisers and will not allow the same user to complete an offer multiple times.

vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011

Completing GPT Offers

Step 1: Clear those Cookies! You need to clear your cookies between each and every offer to have the best chance at getting them to to credit successfully! Never clear cookies while you are in the middle of an offer because it will never credit.

Clearing Cookies in FireFox

Clearing Cookies in Internet Explorer

You could also download the program CCleaner. This program automatically deletes your cookies and history so you don’t have to do it manually.

Step 2: Use a brand new E-mail address for each and every offer! A lot of the advertisers do not like GMX emails so do not use them. Yahoo and Gmail seem too work the best but AOL mail and hotmail also works quite well at times. NEVER use the same email more than once because it greatly reduces your chances of getting the offers to successfully credit!

Step 3: Do Not Rush!! Never rush through an offer. Let each and every page load completely and you will see offers crediting at a much higher rate.

Step 4:  Leave all windows open! Leave all the windows or tabs opens for several minutes after marking the offer as complete at your favorite GPT site. Leaving the windows open for a period of time greatly improves your chance of getting an offer to credit!